Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shattered and Tattered

Apparently I have a made a habit of breaking significant things throughout my life. I was always in a hurry running up and down the stairs in my parent's house. Going up is fine, but I always seem to have a problem going down stairs. I managed to rip the banister railing right out of the wall once. After delicately placing the railing, and the nail that ripped out with it, back into the wall and mending the wallpaper around the hole, I noticed that my parents were watching this whole process from around the corner of the stairs. The jig was up. I paid dearly for that one. There were several hours of labor picking beans in the garden that summer. Yuck!

I recently managed to completely tear out the hanging structure of my bedroom closet...that wouldn't seem too bad to any clothes-aholic such as myself...but the walls are made of cinder blocks with a layer of sheet rock over them. Yep. I promised my husband I wasn't swinging from the rod. I'd been asking for a new closet structure since the first day in the condo, but that never happened.

Much to my husband's dismay (he had no choice), we gathered measurements and headed to The Container Store. This store is the mecca of all organizational needs. They just so happen to carry fabulous closet structures. Since I've had many years to consider my dream closet for our micro-condo, I knew exactly what I wanted and creating the design took no longer than 4.35 minutes.  I am in
L-O-V-E with the outcome and can't wait for my husband's closet to cave in so I can do this all over again!
(My clothes found a temporary space on the floor of our workout room as we waited for the new closet structure to arrive.)
(Hot Newness!!! 3 rows of spacial glory in the micro-closet!)
(Install complete! All of my clothes fit with room to spare. I also repurposed a tie rack for my long necklaces which was this organizer's cherry on top.)

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