Monday, July 29, 2013

Gym Rat I've never posted pictures of myself in a bathing suite, but I've been working my tooshy off since moving back to Charlotte and I'm finally seeing progress. Well, I think I had a really biased great photographer who was willing to take the pictures over and over to get the perfect shots.

I recently completed a super intense training program that was short, but not so sweet. I am recovering from a tweaked ankle, but having a smidge more confidence was worth it. Not many woman feel comfortable and confident in a bikini...including this one. I decided to be brave and post these picts so I can look back on them one day after obtaining stretch marks and wrinkles from the joys this life will surely bring. Only supportive comments are welcome. Leave the hateraide at home. Better yet, hate all you want...where were you when the clock called at 5:00AM? I was in the gym.


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