Monday, July 22, 2013

Hair of a Tale

I got a new do! friends tell me I do this a lot, but I wasn't so sure of it myself until I looked back through pictures from the past couple of years. Here's a pictoral history from 2010 when I moved to New York City until now:
My hair was uber short when I first moved to NYC (August 2010), but the $13 million necklace, 
"The Majestic", I wore trumped the boyish strands. The reality of this day will be engrained in my mind forever. My director asked me what the bauble felt like. Answer: "You'd know if it fell off!" 

With lack of a talented colorist and efforts to grow out the tresses, I embraced the natural strawberry color, while standing next to the classy Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere. What a gem she is! 
So blessed to have met her. 

The curls were coming out as My Hero and I enjoyed our first Fashion's Night Out in NYC in September 2010. Paying homage to my employer at the time. This picture will always carry of lifetime of memories for me and the full life I lived in nearly 3 short years. 

Pre-birthday dinner pictures in January 2011...the strands are getting a mind of their own and I was deciding that it was beginning to look like a wig. The look in my eyes was the look of wonder...a transformation was on the horizon. 

By July of 2011, I was back to my roots and feeling more like a Southern gal. I was back and blonde! 

My Hero and I enjoyed a fancy night on the town to celebrate another 30th birthday. I had run the NYC Marathon a few months prior and was in the BEST shape of my life, 
but I decided my hair looked like a mom-bob. Not a mom = no mom-bob for me.

Spring of 2012...back to saving money. Thank goodness the ombre look was in. I'd dyed my hair closest to it's natural color (never to be seen again). We were toying with the idea of moving back to the South and saving money was of the essence. Full-on blonde took a back seat to being the best little worker-bees and planning the next move in the game of life. 

Back in the South! My hair was trimmed and getting back into shape. It was no longer involuntarily falling out of my head in clumps. Phew! I decided on this road trip (where the picture was taken) that it was time to be blonde again. The sparkle and life was slowly coming back in my eyes, but my gold aviators were doing more for me than natural light. Bye-bye back burner...Fashion is top-of-mind again.

Wrapping up 2012. Short and Blonde. I used to think of this as my "Twiggy" picture, but all I see are the deer heads hanging on the wall behind me. My family hunts. What? That's normal in the South. 

Earlier this month (July 2013), my golden tresses were longer and quite lush. I have fine strands, but a lot of them, which makes for a puffy mop on a humid day. They were still nothing compared to the locks of this precious Angora rabbit I fell in love with while shopping one afternoon.

Here I am today....still July 2013. This is the bravest of looks I've done yet. It's totally short on one side and longer on the other. I look tired, but I'm glad to say it's from a great work-life balance. A few late nights here and there, coupled with a good tan from natural sunlight, make this one happy gal. 

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