Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Musings

It's always a treat to pick up the latest issue of nearly any fashion or fitness magazine at the grocery store. I love the feel of the paper and the excitement of what the next page will bring. More than anything, it's my preferred way to read. I rarely have a few precious moments to sneak away to read, so having the ability to read an article or two is invaluable.

Let me introduce to you the fact that I am very thrifty where possible. I rarely purchase clothes at full retail price or anything else for that matter. I even worked for Tiffany & Co. to get a discount on the precious metals I have grown so fond of.  I am now working for a shoe company to cover my feet at a discounted rate. I do love a good pair of shoes. Enter my fondness for magazines...the cost of magazines is astronomical. Enter Next Issue...over 90 TITLES at your fingertips. Read: MAGAZINES GALOR for a minimal fee of $10 per month! Cue the sounds of an angelic choir. I've been on the free 30 day trail for roughly 26 days and I will definitely continue with this app. If you love efficiency, magazines and thriftiness, this is THE app for you. All you need is a tablet or PC. Sing-up and download the titles of your preference. You won't be disappointed.

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