Monday, August 12, 2013

Musically Inclined

I was fortunate to attend public schools with phenomenal music programs growing up. I had several influential teachers, but my music teachers have instilled life-long skills and the value of a strong work ethic. Hours of practice and sore fingers granted me first chair in my middle and high school orchestras as I worked my way up to Concert Mistress as a high school Junior. I held this responsibility throughout my Senior year. I may not like all types of music (hard core rap or heavy metal), but I definitely appreciate it all. I've even grown quite fond of country music. Afterall, I did marry a country boy and our first dance following our nuptials was "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis.

My grandfather played the violin and I am told he was the best in town. Sadly, I never heard him play as he developed carpel tunnel syndrome. His voice led him to sing a different tune (HA! Get it...a different tune)...After years of playing the violin and proving that I would continue my studies, I inherited my grandfather's violin which was used to complete a minor in violin performance in college. Several years after that, I inherited my grandfather's music cabinet, which was full of treasures. Age had taken most of the music, but I was able to salvage of few notes - the cover of two books and 2 sheets of his personally scribed songs he transposed for the violin. Theses gems finally have a home on my wall. Bless these memories of a man who will live in my heart, fingers, and all musical notes that flow from this soul.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Press On

This is how a city girl irons her clothes. I jest...I may not cook very well, but I can iron like a champ. I've become quite the pro at NOT ironing though. It truly is a skill set to be able to wash a shirt, pull it out of the dryer and implement a hand-press + hang method to rid said shirt of 92% wrinklage.

There are the occasional mornings when a collar or pocket doesn't meet my approval. There's usually not enough time to pull out the full iron, so the flat iron I use on my hair will do. Works like a charm. Press on, World! Press on!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caught the Worm

This early bird was up and camera ready for Wilson's World on Charlotte's Fox New Rising this morning. It reminded me of my days working in morning news for NBC in Richmond, VA. I am a happy, yet wanna-be-quiet early riser, but there's just something about getting up at 4:00AM instead of 5:00AM. That hour difference in time is an hour even Jesus didn't care for.

The objective of the morning show was worth the earlier rise. Jon Wilson of Wilson's World produced his show from a Rack Room Shoes location and spoke about the Shoes That Fit program. Donations for the program are collected nationwide in all Rack Room Shoe stores. 100% of the funds raised are then given to schools in the area of each store to purchase shoes for children in need. Who doesn't get excited about a new pair shoes!!!

My Hero was extremely instrumental in getting the children to the store. We used our resources, a.k.a teachers with children, and had them arrive around 6:30AM. They were bright eyed and bushy much as they could be. They all picked out shoes to wear and were on-air in no time. Check out the link below for snippets of the show. I couldn't state more how much I truly L-O-V-E my job and how much I love being part of something meaningful.