Monday, December 30, 2013

Le Boudoir

One of my favorite places in any of the homes I have lived is the bedroom. I've always cherished this space as a personal sanctuary. I love all spaces of my current teeny-tiny condo, but, somehow, this space gets pulled together sooner than the others.

This room has been overhauled since our first tour in the condo (pre-NYC: Refer here - The room was a chocolate brown with an extremely large 4-poster mahogany bed that was entirely too large for the room. The furniture was all very dark and heavy. Evidence is below.

The room is now a mix of modern and shabby chic. My Hero really wanted wanted the new decor (post-NYC) to be black and chrome...ummm, well, I did what I could to blend both of our styles. The walls are now a warm gray. We purchased a bed we both liked, but the wood was a poop-brown (Ugh! Yuck!), I had it painted with a black base and white overlay. A tiny, white, cocktail server is utilized as my bedside table, while My Hero's bedside table is matte black...manly for sure. 

I am so in love with our new bedroom. Yes, I kept a few Tiffany boxes to remind me of the success, trials and best years of my life so far. Look out, 2014! I have a feeling the best is yet to come! 


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