Friday, November 22, 2013

Mirror the Parking Deck

While My Hero and I haven't been blessed with the pitter-patter of Littles yet, we still find it challenging to have a date night. Our lives are very full with church involvement, friends and work. We are extremely blessed with all of these things, but we've made it a point to have "our" time. The odds have been against our marriage in more ways than I care to count, so the moments I get to steal with my Mr. are the moments that continue to build upon our strong foundation.

While a recent date night took us a mere 10 minutes from our house and we held hands in silence through most of it, the time was valuable. Yes, even a Marvel Comics movie can bring us closer together! Seeing Thor was My Hero's request..can you blame me for not protesting? <insert wink here>

As a veteran dater, I find it extremely important to make sure there's nothing lodged in my teeth. Thank goodness there was a mirror nearby. This is true extravagance at its finest...

The elevator into the theater is definitely a cool ride worthy of a couple's selfie moment...#NoFilter. 

Date night at Charlotte's Epicenter...SUCCESS! 

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