Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Couture

I haven't really been into Halloween since college. I don't love it and looking back on my childhood, I don't really remember getting super excited about a Halloween costume. I don't recall ever really loving to play dress-up either. This is kind of a revelation to me, since I L-O-V-E playing dress-up in my everyday life. Each day is a chance to express little 'ol me!

Each year, the thought of planning a costume stresses me out. We are fortunate enough to attend an annual party where all we have to do is bring a treat and a pumpkin. This suits me just fine.

Well...I was perusing the lovely internet and I just happened to come across the most perfect Halloween costumes!!! Nope, they aren't for me...I'm just planning for future Halloween costumes for the little twinkles in my eye. So fabulous!!!!

My future son...will most definitely be Bill Cunningham. 

I still can't believe I got to meet him in person and snap this quick pick during 
Fashion's Night Out 2011 in NYC. 

 My future daughter...will absolutely be THE Anna Wintour. 
Wonder how long it will take her to master the icy stare? 

The full list of couture costumes for your little tikes can be found here - 

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