Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teacher's Pet

I get excited when the final school bell rings each summer...not because I am a teacher, but because I am married to one. I relish in the thought of summer vacation. I get equally bummed with the approach of each Labor Day. For teachers and the kiddos, this signifies the end of summer. For those of you that are solar-powered as I am, we also see summer's demise and cold weather all too closely at hand.

Each school year, I get excited to see how my friends' children have grown into little adults as they plaster pictures of "First Day of (insert grade level here)"all over social media. They are thrilled to send their Littles to school to seek higher knowledge...or free babysitting...depending on the child. <insert laugh here...parents, you know what I'm talking about> Well, this year, I am posting a picture of my husband, THE TEACHER. He seriously kicks major booty at his job. I am honored to be a wife of a teacher and of a man who followed his calling. He is truly talented at his profession. Anyone can teach a class, but not everyone will enjoy doing it day-in and day-out. Sure, it's easy to teach the willing students, but the trouble-makers, back-talkers, too-cool-for-schoolers are not as easily influenced.

All the THANK YOUs in the world wouldn't be enough for the great teachers in this world. I just ask that you keep them in your prayers every day as you send your children off to be in their care. Respect them. Be a team player with them. Communicate with them. Above all else, don't forget that they can make the difference between a wonderful school year for your child or a miserable one.

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